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I received my certificate from the SQA today so I am officially the holder of an HND in Networking and Internet Technology...

...which means I can now charge for plugging in your computer HA!!

...well not really dead, the switch component of the router is knackered. I've had bad internet connectivity for a couple of days, most pages were timing out with failed connections.

Pinging was fine, 100% connectivity and no packet loss so network card is good.

Pinging router gateway was giving between 54% and 98% (WTF) packet loss so changed ethernet cable and still same result so cable is good.

Unplugged the router and connected cable directly to cable modem and rebooted both, to reset IP address and gateway, and hey presto full internet speed and no packet loss.

Wireless connection is still 100% fine too.

So new router shopping it is.

(that was 2 years of college well paid for)

Just setting up the new site so thought I should add at least one bit of content to the blog section and this is it. [caution boring mundane entry to fill up space coming up]

Had a nice day out at the Gibson Street Gala, got a nice free Fairtrade coffee, met some friends, had another (not free) coffee at the place in the park then home to watch the Canadian Grand Prix.

[See said it was mundane]