Having got hold of a Cisco router I had to try to connect to it via my Windows installed in VirtualBox, problem was the COM port was not recognised in the VirtualBox settings, every time I tried to start windows it failed with an error, one of these errors suggested checking the permissions and user groups to make sure these were correct.

Turns out I needed to add my (host) user to the correct group, use the command
ls -l /dev/ttyS*
to list the current groups for tty's.

As can be seen here the serial ports are all in the dialout group so using the user manager I added myself to the dialout group. Once that was done ( remember to logout and back in once you change group associations!! ) I set up the serial port in the virtualbox settings COM1, choose the Host Device option and add /dev/ttyS0 as the path.

Once this was done I started Windows and it now booted fine and once I was logged in, Windows detected new hardware and installed it.

Now I am able to console into the router and all is good.

...3 punctures on a 20 minute cycle = pain in the ass. New tyres now ordered.

Caution : this post contains pedantry!!

According to this article -> http://asmarterplanet.com/blog/2011/08/ibm-leads-the-way-in-the-post-pc-era.html, an interview with one of the original computer guys at IBM the end of the PC is nigh.

Well as far as I know PC stands for Personal Computer and at least in the beginning it was a term used to define a (usually) single user, multi purpose machine of small(er) size as opposed to a multiuser mainframe/server system.

Quoted from linked article:

I, personally, have moved beyond the PC as well. My primary computer now is a tablet. When I helped design the PC, I didn’t think I’d live long enough to witness its decline. But, while PCs will continue to be much-used devices, they’re no longer at the leading edge of computing. They’re going the way of the vacuum tube, typewriter, vinyl records, CRT and incandescent light bulbs. PCs are being replaced at the center of computing not by another type of device—though there’s plenty of excitement about smart phones and tablets—but by new ideas about the role that computing can play in progress

Replace PC with Desktop Computer in the above quote and it makes abit more sense although I still disagree.

I, personally, have moved beyond the PC as well. My primary computer now is a tablet.

Actually that tablet computer IS a PC just in a different form factor!! I guess what is being touted in that quote is that the DESKTOP form of computer is dying out, since a tablet form computer is still a Personal Computer as is a smart phone and a laptop or netbook.

But, while PCs will continue to be much-used devices, they’re no longer at the leading edge of computing

Again replace PC with desktop computer and the sentence is more accurate. I bet that the people that designed all those cutting edge devices used desktop machines, be they IBM Clones or MACs, and probably will continue to do so because they need a system with a decent size screen and good processing power that doesn't need charged every couple of hours. Desktop machines are easier and cheaper to upgrade, you want a more powerful tablet/better graphics capability, added connectivity? tough! WE decide what YOU get for your money. Try spending 8 hours working on a tablet and tell me it is more convenient than a traditional form of a laptop or desktop computer. Sure you might be able to use it if you get the external keyboard and mouse and the little stand so you can prop it up but for all that extra stuff you need to carry you could just get a laptop and put the money you saved towards that nice holiday.


I heard on the radio that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing Glasgow, not that I am that bothered by them nowadays but I looked online to see how much tickets were..FFS they have the cheek to charge £47.50 and that is without booking fees, credit card fees, postage fees so in all probably about £55 a ticket.

Now the last time I saw the RHCPs, in 2003, I paid £35 and that was with the Foo Fighters supporting at the same venue, the SECC.

In my opinion the Chilis are past their best and probably have more money than they know what to do with, but I hear you say "touring is expensive and stage shows.. blah blah blah", now fair enough touring is costly but also very lucrative for the band and the last time I saw them there was no stage show it was just them playing on stage with a backdrop, not the most expansive of sets!

To contrast that with the last 2 sell out shows I went to at the same venue, Green Day (£35) and Slipknot (£29.50), Green Day are arguably one of the biggest acts of the current time so £35 is probably a very fair price (I paid it so it must be!!) and they played for a full 2 hours and Slipknot are one of the biggest acts of their genre (not that mainstream but still sell out multi-thousand venues consistently. The big thing with Slipknot is that they have 9 band members so their take on a tour is split 9 ways, after paying the costs and the support etc, compared to 4 ways for the Chilis. Plus the Slipknot show is Fucking Awesome, loads of stuff going on, pyrotechnics all the way through, hydraulic drum risers, great stage set etc so all in a much more expensive show to put on and yet they can do it on 2/3 of the chilis price.

So in a time where everybody is getting thoroughly shafted by the economic situation I think I can safely say No Thanks Mr Kiedis et al you are just not worth it anymore (although you clearly think you are).

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