Ash taking her medicine like a good girl!!

Remember to add the line

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

to the httpd.conf file to enable php on apache server (check this after upgrading httpd)

This has caught me out a couple of times!! should really know better by now but how often do you need to change your configs?

Our trio of mischief relaxing in their new cosy and fluffy tunnel

Another picture of the rats in their cost tunnel

Ash - bottom left
Shadow - top middle
Smudge - bottom left

So I bought myself some sushi making stuff, bamboo rolling mat, rice vinegar, soy sauce, wasabi, nori and sushi rice in an effort to try and eat a little better and make some nice food for lunch at university.

This is the first batch I made.

I give myself a 7/10 for these, they tasted like sushi but were lacking something, maybe more vinegar and they were a little bit big ( just slightly too large for a comfortable mouthful ). I think I need to work on the sizes of the fillings and maybe a little thinner/more even layering of the rice.

Anyway I consider it a success.