The Falkirk Wheel halfway throught its cycle

The Falkirk Wheel, the only rotating boat lift in the world. August 2013

Frost encrusted grass

Frost encrusted grass taken in Glasgow at the North Woodside Flint Mill on the Kelvin Way. Winter 2012/13.

Taking shelter on an island in Loch Lomond during a rain storm

Sheltering from a rain storm on an island in Loch Lomond. July 2013.

Pea plant

Managed to grow a few peas on the bathroom windowsill.

Wind turbines at Whitelees Windfarm

Wind turbines at Whitelees windfarm. I do like wind turbines. June 2013.

Part of the perimeter ditch at the remians of the roman settlement at Rough Castle on the Antonine Wall, Falkirk. August 2013.

After the passing away of our little pal Smudge recently (So long little friend) we were left with a solitary rat (Salt) which is not ideal since rats are very social so we needed to get a companion for her. After a search we found a little friend who has now joined our family.

This is Whiskers (named by previous owner) who is a dumbo (ears on the side rather than on top of the head) rat like one of our previous rats Ash (Administering Medicine to a Rat).

She is still young and extremely energetic (hard to catch!!) but is very friendly.

rat sleeping

rat sleeping

Smudge the rat perched on the sofa

Our little friend Smudge died this morning just before 7am aged 2 1/2 years. We will miss you. (See her previous appearance here That's not a Puffle)

Rory at the end of the Virgin London Marathon 2013

My younger brother completed the 2013 London Marathon and to prove it here he is with his finishers medal...well done bro!!!

Glasgow Steiner School Fire 26 March 2013