...under my food? Who decided that it would be good to place a napkin on plates underneath the food? Surely that napkin is not to keep the plate clean, it cannot be for me to use after I have eaten because the napkin is then more dirty than my mouth, so what is the purpose of that little square of paper?

The best case scenario of this is that I have to handle my food and remove the napkin before I can eat and the worst (most often) case is that the food leaks and sticks to the napkin so I end up with a soggy sticky bit of napkin stuck to my food*

Restaurant and cafe owners I do not want a napkin under my panini or fudge cake or salad roll, please leave my food unsullied by your paper hygiene products.

*I had a tuna melt panini nicely placed on a napkin which then nicely became a tuna melt panini with added paper napkin because the "juice" from the panini leaked and welded the napkin to the bottom of the bread!!!