Background info: My home desktop PC is running Slackware 14.0 with the Xfce desktop.

Issue 1

When I fired up the computer today there were no window decorations (window borders, title bars, those little buttons you use to maximise/minimise and close windows) and I could not drag or adjust windows. This has happened before and it seems to be an issue with the xfwm4 (the Xfce window manager) not starting properly. There are a couple of ways to sort this but I use the easiest way which is to fire up a terminal window and type xfwm4 and press enter and this brings back all the window decorations.

Issue 2

Unable to delete files from external harddrive using file manager. This is something that I had noticed before but it wasn't really an issue that I was bothered about since I usually delete stuff from the command line. The basic problem is that if I was trying to delete a file through Thunar (the file manager used by Xfce) either by selecting the file and pressing delete or by right clicking the file and selecting the Delete option I was presented with a dialog stating "Unable to find or create Trash directory". After searching the internet I found out that my external harddrive didn't have a Trash directory for my user. To remedy this i recreated the required trash directory and hierarchy.

mkdir /freeagent/.Trash-1000

mkdir /freeagent/.Trash-1000/files

mkdir /freeagent/.Trash-1000/info

mkdir /freeagent/.Trash-1000/expunged

After this deletion of files worked as expected.