After the passing away of our little pal Smudge recently (So long little friend) we were left with a solitary rat (Salt) which is not ideal since rats are very social so we needed to get a companion for her. After a search we found a little friend who has now joined our family.

This is Whiskers (named by previous owner) who is a dumbo (ears on the side rather than on top of the head) rat like one of our previous rats Ash (Administering Medicine to a Rat).

She is still young and extremely energetic (hard to catch!!) but is very friendly.

rat sleeping

rat sleeping

Smudge the rat perched on the sofa

Our little friend Smudge died this morning just before 7am aged 2 1/2 years. We will miss you. (See her previous appearance here That's not a Puffle)

puffles and Smudge on the bookcase

Our wee furry friend Ash passed away today after what we think was a stroke. So long, we will miss you

Ash taking her medicine like a good girl!!